Engagement Tsunami Micro Workshop

Day Three Is On June 12th at Noon EST (Recordings Included!)

Engagement Tsunami Micro Workshop

Day Two Is On June 11th at Noon EST (Recordings Included!)

Ready For A 'Tidal Wave' Of Engagement So You Can Increase Your Exposure And Make More Sales!?

Join The 3 Day Engagement Tsunami Micro Workshop Where You'll Walk Away With 3 Power Posts That Draw In Leads On Auto-Pilot

Can't attend every day live? You'll get free lifetime access to the recording to watch over and over again!

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The fastest, most certain way to gain real momentum in your business is by understanding that the missing puzzle piece you’re looking for comes down to simply boosting your social media engagement.

When you know how to increase engagement easily, your content gets put in front of more people.

More people = More exposure for your business

More exposure = More customers and teammates

More customers and teammates = A freedom-filled life

When you have a proven strategy for getting more engagement, you can quickly bring in more business, whenever you'd like for the rest of your life.

But before we dig into the exciting stuff, let us ask you a question:

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?

If you're drowning in the sea of information about attracting people to you and you're disappointed with your dismal results...

Know that you're not alone.

You probably aren't good at marketing and growing an audience because you're only taught to reach out and prospect people all day.

You’ve never been given a strategy for creating content that people interact with, find valuable, and, most importantly, become interested in your business.

...or you've been duped into buying expensive "become an authority or expert" programs that are WAY too costly and complicated for the average person to duplicate.

Chances are you practically suck at marketing on social media.

There’s a reason people don’t leave comments, share your posts, and instead, continue scrolling through their feed.

"Geez, that's a little harsh, don't ya think?"

Yeah, it is.

We’re being blunt because we’re fed up with the time you waste on social media that will never lead to results.

We’re even more fed up with the type of hype marketing that repels people from your profile, forcing you to create even more content that only gets engagement from family members and random weirdos.

It’s not your fault.

You see, most trainers and companies try to keep things as simple as possible so that you can get started and not be overwhelmed by learning a bunch of social media stuff.

So they tell you to post things like...

• I'm giving away free consultations! Here's my link.

• If you're struggling to lose weight, my product is amazing! Here's my link.

• Want to put your house on the market? You should totally use my services! Here's my link.

Does that sound accurate?

If it does, you should probably take a screenshot of this below…

Ineffective marketing is when you only talk about what you have. (Your product, service, or opportunity.)

Really ineffective marketing is when you only talk about what you have and assume they're ready to buy now.

Really, really ineffective marketing is talking about what you have, assuming they're ready to buy, and using hype.

Can you see why most people fail at marketing and, as a result, get zero engagement and continue to struggle?

They're posting things about what they have, and assuming people are ready to buy.

The fact is, most people aren't ready to buy... yet.

Sure, there's a VERY, VERY small percentage of people who wake up in the morning looking for exactly what you got.

If we’re being generous, we’d say that's less than 2% of the population.

The problem with that, however, is you turn off about 98% of people who might have been a good fit but will never look at your product, service or opportunity because you've left a bad taste in their mouth.

After seeing countless entrepreneurs try to fight this uphill battle, we decided to go on a mission.

A mission to challenge the network marketing profession to step up their marketing game not only to stop being pushy and salesy but to greatly increase your engagement so you can grow your following and make consistent sales online.

And that's exactly what this micro workshop is about changing for you!


The Engagement Tsunami Micro Workshop!

The One Of A Kind Workshop Where You'll Walk Away With 3 Power Posts That Draw In Leads On Auto-Pilot

June 10th - 12th at Noon EST

During this 3 Day Micro Workshop, you'll learn how to create the 3 most wildly effective ‘pillar’ posts to draw in endless leads for your business on auto-pilot 24-7!

We'll walk you through exactly how to quickly create them so you can do it repeatedly whenever you want to turn on the ’tap’ to more leads.

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Discover In This Brand New 3 Day Live Micro Workshop…

  • What a ‘Power Post’ is and why you need them! HINT: you’re losing big money and making less impact if you aren’t using them.

  • How to use Power Posts most effectively to attract your perfect audience 24 hours a day.

  • The complete step-by-step process to create each of these 3 Power Posts, one per day, specific to what YOU have to offer.

  • Learn how to ‘talk about your products’ in posts… in the right way… to stay OUT of trouble and IN the money!

  • Get the top-earner secrets to crafting your content in a way that creates massive curiosity and makes people almost incapable of ignoring it.

  • How to use ‘micro-stories’ to turn your audience into loyal, raving fans who practically throw their wallets at you.

  • Plus, daily action steps and prizes!

How Will This Workshop Change Your Business?

  • Eliminate confusion about what to do on social media to actually get results

  • People reaching out to you, consistently wanting to buy or join

  • Love the people you work with and the impact you are actually making

  • Inject caffeine into your business that sets a strong foundation to make this your best year yet

  • Information overload from multiple sources (that often aren't credible)

  • Reaching out and chasing prospects until they block you

  • Creating non-stop content that doesn't produce any results

  • Get burnt out and tell yourself you'll wait until next year to really focus on building your business

Meet Your Engagement Workshop Trainers

These days, I am recognized as a top network marketing leader, speaker, and coach who is a fixture on her company leaderboards.

BUT that was not always the case!

I remember struggling badly during my first 3 years in this profession because I was terrified of rejection and of ‘putting myself out there’ to be scrutinized by the collective judging eye of social media.

Fortunately, I can laugh about that now, but at the time, it almost paralyzed me. I stayed around the Higdon group campfire long enough to catch a spark.

That was the catalyst to my success and I love to pay it forward as a Higdon Group Gold Mentorship Coach, alongside my colleague and bestie, Nicole Domuret.

I’ve become a master of culture, leadership, and social media systems, and I’ve built a successful global team. My peers refer to me as ‘The Genuine Connector’ because I believe in the power of authentic communication as the key to a thriving business.

I love to empower leaders to drive superior results through massive duplication and I’m fuelled by being in the trenches and working alongside my team!

I am also proud to be the founder and co-owner of Network Marketing Rehab, a coaching and training company helping dedicated network marketers avoid common pitfalls and create lasting success, faster!

I am the mother to 5 and wife to 1, living in Houston, and have been in network marketing for 11 years, and not all of it has been pretty!

After creating multiple 6-figure companies in the health and fitness industry, I was recognized as a top recruiter as well as achieved top customer acquisition on my current network marketing company’s leaderboards by mastering how to build instant rapport with the perfect prospect through conversation and teaching my team how to do the same.

The Higdon Group played a huge role in my leadership skills as I grew my business.

After seeing a red velvet rope between those earning the big bucks and those still sitting at zero, I knew that there was a need to build a business with purpose authentically.

Imposter syndrome is a real thing and no true cure exists outside of serving others properly. I immediately started creating strategies that would teach network marketers how to understand income-producing activities that grow a business exponentially without the frustration and struggle of not knowing what to say or who to say it to, which led to…

Becoming the co-owner of Network Marketing Rehab, a coaching and training company helping dedicated network marketers avoid common pitfalls and create lasting success, faster!

After hundreds of testimonies of incredible success, I think we’re on to something.

I am currently leading The Higdon Group Gold Mentorship Program along with my ride or die Staci Hall.

Take A Look At Some Of The Engagement We've Gotten Using Our Power Posts

Ready to boost your engagement (and sales) like crazy!?

It's decision time.

You can either... 

  • Commit to going all-in on this workshop…

  • Commit to showing up...

  • And commit to implementing our proven power posts...

Or you can…

  • Commit to getting confused...

  • Commit to staying stuck…

  • And commit to playing small…

You know what they say: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result..." 

Well, here's your chance to do something different so you can experience a “tidal wave” of engagement and increased sales.

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